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Unànim 2014. Do you agree?

Article by Vins i Olis del Priorat:

Some weeks ago a new wine from Priorat D.O.Q came to our hands; Unànim 2014 made by Els Vil·lusionistes. Unànim is a young wine made of 100% Grenache from old vines. The grapes come from 3 vineyards aged between 30 and 55 years: El Pinar, La Planeta, and El Voltó. The purpose of the winemakers is to present this excellent Grenache at it’s purest state.

The truth is that the expression of this Grenache really pleased us. Vivacity in the colour, notes of fruit without being excessively sweet, good structure, persistence and balance.

Please do not allow the 15% VOL. scare you, Unànim is actually a very smooth (which doesn’t mean light), franc and really well elaborated wine. An appetizing red that calls for yet another sip until the last drop.

With the name Unànim, Els Vil·lusionistes want to reflect the soul of this wine as well as the unanimity on how to proportionally blend the Grenache from each terroir at the time of the coupage. Now it is time to see if there is also unanimity in the positive ratings from those who have had the opportunity to taste it. At Vins i Olis del Priorat and at Aguiló Vinateria they already have us in their pocket. What about you?