D.O.Q Priorat 100% GRENACHE 100% ORGANIC

The word UNÀNIM is inspired by the Latin word unanimus meaning one soul and evoking complete agreement. We chose the word UNÀNIM because our wine, apart from having body, also has soul and besides, while making the coupage, there was a complete agreement on how to proportionally blend the Grenache from each terroir.

UNÀNIM is the first wine we produced. It is a young wine from old vines and our veneration to the Grenache from Priorat in its purest state.


The Grenache grapes from which we have created UNÀNIM  come from different terroirs and each of them gives us its particularity.

El Voltó with a slate soil called “licorella” produces a fine and subtle Grenache which provides UNÀNIM with aroma.

The younger Grenache from El Pinar and La Planeta grows on a loam sandy and, at the same time, stony soil. These grapes bring warmth and elegance, becoming the heart of our wine.

The old Grenache from El Pinar is more than 50 years old and already possesses a natural balance. It gives deepness and concentration… It is the body of UNÀNIM.

UNÀNIM ocells

The grapes from each terroir have been vinified separately with respect to their different ripening pace in order to highlight their specific properties.

The Grenache from El Voltó underwent a cold maceration with dry ice which started very slow and which allowed us to extract the colour and the structure of the grape smoothly and in this way we avoided extracting any kind of aggressive notes.

The younger Grenache from El Pinar and La Planeta also underwent a cold maceration with dry ice. The fermentation which was slow too ended at 25 ˚C.

The old Grenache from El Pinar was harvested at its full ripeness. The fermentation occurred at a controlled temperature and we manually pressed the grapes 15 days after.

After the alcoholic fermentation we do not allow the wine to end the malolactic one in order to give UNÀNIM freshness and this twist of acidity provided by the malic acid.

The coupage of the three vinifications was made with almost no intervention; just a light filtration was performed.

The wine has aged 8 months in steel tanks and 4 months in the bottle.



For more information about the 2017 vintage, please contact us at: villusionistes@gmail.com