We pamper our vineyards in Priorat, in return they give us UNÀNIM

Mimem les nostres vinyes del Priorat, a canvi ens regalen UNÀNIM. Mimamos nuestros viñedos en El Priorat y estos nos regalan UNÀNIM.

Els VIL·LUSIONISTES is a word that explains what we do and how we do it. We make wine (wine in Catalan is “vi”) with entrepreneurial vision, happiness, and we like to think that we put a little bit of magic into it.

Els VIL·LUSIONISTES’ seed are Sergi Siuraneta and Anna Molina. The branching stem is a group of family members, friends and contributors without whom our project would remain as a non-germinated seed.

Our logo is a weathervane inspired by a swallow. Swallows travel a lot due to migration. UNÀNIM and EQUÀNIM, though nested in Priorat, have been provided with some wings too, as we would like our soul-made wines to be spread all over the world. The weathervane veers in the direction of the wind and Els VIL·LUSIONISTES has adopted it because it symbolizes the way we make wine: harmonizing with nature and being guided by nature, not against it.

oreneta villusionistes_vpetit copy 2

We, Els VIL·LUSIONISTES, are the creators of the wine UNÀNIM and EQUÀNIM. Our wines are the product of the grapes from our grandparents’ vineyards which were passed down to our parents and now to us. While previous generations cared for the land with love and affection, they were different times and unfortunately they were not immune to the widespread use of pesticides. We are, though, grateful to them, for the vast knowledge handed down to us and as a generational improvement we have introduced organic farming. This contribution has meant a more thorough dedication to the vineyard compensated by a sustainable production of excellent quality.

Our philosophy is very simple: we seek balance between selfishness and altruism. Our ego leads us to instinctively make wines that we love. Our altruistic element invites us to think: “if we really like our wines, there is the possibility that many others will really like it too”. So, while the paradigm is being applied, we do not remain idle discussing whether we were right or wrong, instead we get down to work with even more enthusiasm and wishing that with each harvest, our UNÀNIMs and EQUÀNIMS once more will become a link between you and us.

Welcome to our world and thanks for letting us in into yours!